We create change for good

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With companies and businesses largely located in cities, skill-intensive jobs and public resources are increasingly concentrated in urban areas. Those who are unable to move to a city because of familial and financial constraints are left with little opportunity to make a living and support themselves. We believe that the digital world has the power to create positive impact for all and together we can balance a system where cities grow uncontrollably while rural areas have few opportunities.

At IndiVillage, we leverage the power of impact sourcing to provide opportunity to underserved populations in rural villages throughout India.

As a social enterprise, we empower ambitious educated individuals in rural areas by providing meaning jobs, competitive salary and benefits, and continued skill development opportunities. Through the impact value chain, the positive impact doesn’t stop with our workers. The Indivillage model creates a significant change in the lives of our employees’ families and the communities in which they live.

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