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IndiVillage is a Technology Services company with a unique value proposition:
World-class outsourcing with immense social impact.

Join us in our mission to provide economic opportunity for all.


E-Commerce Content

We have delivered 18% savings to a billion dollar e-commerce company through providing thousands of technical descriptions for electrical products a month.

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Image Tagging and Editing

We tag and edit thousands of images for digital marketing and e-commerce websites to ease search and streamline products to improve customer experience.

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Online Catalog Enrichment

We transform more than a thousand scanned ads into digital ads and perform quality control for 30,000 ads a month for an international digital grocer company.

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Indivillage is proud and excited to be the first Information Technology (IT) & Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS) company in India to become certified as a B Corporation. We have built an amazing community of socially responsible business by providing education and economic opportunity to rural people in India.


 What is a B Corp?

B Corp are the global leaders that visions business as a force for good. They work in good interests of people and place as they actually matter. B Corporations collectively work towards high standards of social and environmental impact that benefits the society.

Why did Indivillage become a B Corp?

Being a Certified B Corporation validates to the world our mission of making progress in realising a world with equal opportunities to rural residents, women, and people otherwise left out of the modern economy. Indivillage believes it is possible to empower communities to take control and improve their lives. We live the mission of being a B Corporation every day by reinvesting our profits back into the holistic development of the entire community. Beyond just providing high-quality, well-paying jobs to people in our community, we also invest in the education of our employees, the children in our community , clean drinking water for the community and we work to reduce our environmental impact by nurturing our resources.

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